“I want a Mzungu Husband,” Kenyan Lady begs Ugandan pastor for ‘Nyota ya Mapenzi’

A video of a Kenyan Lady being prayed for by a Ugandan pastor to get a Mzungu hubby has caused a buzz on social media.

In the short clip that has gone viral, a young lady who hails from the Western part of Kenya is seen speaking to the Ugandan pastor. She identifies herself as Daisy Akinyi and boldly reveals her intentions.

My name is daisy Akinyi from Kenya, and my question is the marriage issue,” she says.

Aware of her desire, the man of God swings into action and starts speaking prophecy. He assures the young lady that she will soon be free from the troublesome husband. He assures her of a Mzungu man.

I talked to you already. We agreed you want to go abroad. We agreed you want a white man…….I talked to you already. That you want white man, because you are already tired of the other one, who is troubling you all the time.”

Daisy Akinyi goes further and discloses that she has two kids with a deadbeat dad. She maintains that her dream is to go abroad to enjoy life with a white hubby.

Man of God what you’re saying is true. I have always wished to go abroad and get married to a white man. Because the man I have, I had him when he was young. He gave me two kids and left. I am the one taking care of them.”

The young pastor is heard assuring Daisy that her prayers will be answered. Meanwhile, Daisy who is already overwhelmed by the good news is seen smiling uncontrollably. The pulls out a small bottle of anointing oil and sprinkles it on the young lady’s face and starts praying. The lady falls on the floor of the church as the pastor speaks more blessings.

While reacting to the video, Kenyans have expressed mixed reactions.

@EMPRESS: Huyu ni kama Hana nyota ya mapenzi πŸ˜…

@Emily Chebet: Lakini Hawa pastor hutucheza. Ni wapi kupata husband inatoana na mtu kuanguka 😁

@Ohuru Elphers: Kenyan ladies stop shaming us. We already have enough.

@Shiloh: All the best πŸ₯°

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