SHOCKING! Comedian 2Mbili reveals why Kaveve Kazoze Hitmakers are poor despite fame

nyan content creator 2Mbili has opened up on why popular Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker Ngesh Wa Vasha is wallowing in poverty despite her song gaining millions of viewers on YouTube.

While speaking during an exclusive interview with Oga Obinna, 2Mbili disclosed that after the song became popular, Ngesh Wa Vasha was swept and sank into fame and forgot to narture her music.

According to 2Mbili, the social media fame made Kaveve Kazoze hitmaker feel that she was so big, and pride took control of her. He said that after the song became popular, Ngesh closed ears on professional advices and chose to run things his way.

Ngesh alijiona amefika hataki kuskia advice yangu. Kaveve Kazoze amevuma week moja alafu anataka gigs daily.She made his family members his managers. You can’t do business with your family. She was very impatient,” he told Obinna.

Ngesh Wa Vasha, a crew member of the Young Gengetone Group Spider Clan rose into limelight after their song Rieng Genje popular of its phrases ‘Cashcrop za Nyandarua ni Mawaru’ ‘unibebe hata mbele ya kirindi’ and ‘Kaveve Kazoze ‘ went viral. The song boasts over 4 millions YouTube viewers since it release 6 months ago.

Recently, the group elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans after they disclosed that they did not reap financial benefits from the popular hit.

According to the musicians, they discovered that they could monetise the song after it hit 4 millions viewers on YouTube, adding that it is only the producer that benefited from numerous song views.

They further said that it is a challenge to convince people that they don’t have money, as the posh life people have seen online is not close to the one they are living now.

So wenye wanasema ati tuko na doo juu ya hio ngoma, hio ngoma ilitupea fame ,jina ni kubwa lakini doo hakuna.”

During an interview with Jalang’o TV, The Spider Clan Group members alluded said that Mike Sonko only facilitated their flight and accommodation when they travelled to Mombasa to perform but did not keep the promises of helping them as he had earlier committed.

Further, Ngesh disclosed that she was very disappointed with Mike Sonko for cutting communications with them and not honouring his promises.

Alitupeleka show Mombasa ,akatulipia flight na hatukuwai enda na flight hata kama ni mbali hivo, akatupiga luku na accomodation na kurudi sasa fare.Sasa since hapo zile promises alikuwa ametupromise ziliishia tu hapo hivo,” the musicians said.

While speaking on fallout with comedian 2Mbili, Ngesh disclosed that she declined to take his help as he wanted to single her out of the group. She said that 2mbili wanted to help her alone, leading to their strained relationship m

Ni kama alikuwa anataka kunipush nikiwa solo na mimi siezi acha crew si unaona,” she said.

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