“Hadi mkaweka mkale,” man confronts Safaricom over bonga points

A Kenyan Facebook book user has left Kenyans in stitches through his confrontation with Safaricom. The aggrieved man identified as Daniel Obanda to social media to air his resentments with the Kenya’s giant Telecommunication Company.

Through a message directed to Safaricom, Obanda accused Safaricom of taking his bonga points without his consent. He poured his anger as he vowed not pay the Okoa Jahazi until his bonga points were returned.

Safaricom I saw mko na guts za kuredeem bonga points zangu mkilipa oka jahazi. I want to assure you without fear of contradiction that I will not pay your Okoa Jahazi until you bring my bonga points back,” he wrote.

Obanda wondered why the Safaricom decided to take the action without his knowledge. According to him, there is nowhere he signed an agreement with the company that they would use bonga points to pay airtime loan.

Mlete hio agreement inasema mtakuwa mnafanya vile mnataka na vitu zangu. Bonga points are mine, the sim card is mine. The only thing you own is airwaves that allows me to communicate.”

Daniel Obanda further accused Safaricom of replacing one worker.

Hadi mkatoa yule dem wa you attempted to call mkaweka mkalenjin 😳.”

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Kenyans react to Daniel Obanda post

“Daniel Obanda hapa ulikosea and I don’t think they will reply, the opening statement should be “Yamune Safaricom PLC” ……then you proceed, but just airing your grievance without protocol is a sin in these error …oh, I mean Era of Zakayo!”

“I will be redeeming all bonga points before niombee okoa jahazi nione mtaramba nini”

“Ati wameeka Cheptoo? No wonder niliskia “tear gustomer” mahali🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“Wako na upuzi ata sikuhizi hawatuiti dear 😂”

“Usiku exactly at 0000hrs nmeshtukia messages 2 nkadhani nmetumiwa pesa kumbe ni ghasia zinafanyia barter trade deni yao na points zangu. Kitui novaaa”

“Kwani walireply ‘ tear gustoma ,yu atembtet to kol mi ama ?’ kama ni hibo ni mgale.”

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