Trisha Khalid Opens up on being in a romant!C entanglement with Flaqo

Popular Kenya ln actress Trisha Khalid creared the air on allegation that she is in a romantic entanglement with content creator Flaqo.

The allegations were sparked by a series of appearances in which the two were captured having a good time together. Although they have been creating content, Flaqo and Trisha raised suspicion considering that Karanta was absent.

While taking to social media, online detectives speculated that the two may have taken their relationship beyond work, and thus could be enjoying steamy sessions.

Austine Daniel wrote,“Keranta huwa anoana hizi vitu ama ni understanding girlfriend 👀😂😂💔”
Hassan commented,” Hawa wanadate bana ata Mulamwah alianza ivyo na Yule wake.”

Lexine Alma,”Keranta start looking infront.Dust may be on your way apo mbele 😁😁😁😁”

Trisha Khalid on Whether she is Dating Flaqo

To confirm from the source, Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray made a call to Trisha Khalid. In her response, Trisha denied the allegations, adding that their relationship purely work-relationship.

Ankali asked,” Sasa shem nikuulizenwewe na Flaqo whats popping? you guys are very close hadi wambea wameanza kushuku.”

Trisha replied, “Flaqo and i are just friends and we are shooting content. Sasa mtu yeyote atakuwa anashoot content na Flaqo atakuwa yuko na yeye? its strictly content and we are just good friends.”

Further, Trisha disclosed during the phone interview that she is currently dating and she is not single.

“I have a man, i have somebody siko single mimi nani amekwambia mimi niko sinlge?

The actress however said that she would not give further details on the same but people should just know that she is seeing somebody

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