4 Categories of Men Who Do Not Qualify To Be Mubabaz

According to the lady these men do not qualify to be mubabaz

A Kenyan lady has sparked heated debate on social media after listing category of men that do not fit to be mubabaz. A mubaba is a Kenyan version of a man who dates a young lady, whom he splashes with money and other gifts.

In a fairly long video that has gone viral, the content creator noted that many ladies are increasingly confusing wababa for a poor cheating men. The lady went ahead and listed categories of men that do not deserve to earn the title mubaba.

Here is a list of men that do not qualify to be a mubabaz

1. A man with small kids. According to the lady, men with small kids should be left alone to take care of their children. She noted that many children go hungry because of their father’s side chicks, adding that dating such men can easily attract curses.

If you are dating a man with small kids..eh. Someone is dating is father to class one, pp1, Playgroup…and you are dating that person, calling him mubaba….This man is supposed to be taking care of his family. That 1000 he is sending to you is supposed to buy Kid’s food. Sometimes children sleep without food because of you.” She noted.

2.A man who Pays Rent. According to the lady, a man who resides in a rented apartment is a no go zone. According to her, men pay rent to should be left to take care of their families.

How can you date someone, you are not dating for marriage…you are dating as a side chick..a side dish..a man who is paying same rent as you. So this man is going to tell you to get a Ksh. 2000 house so that they can be able to pay for you.

3.Man whose wife call regularly for petty cash. The lady noted that men whose wives call asking for money to by minor things like groceries do not qualify to be mubabaz. She insisted that a mubaba is a man has got his things sorted, one who do not get concerned by minor family expenditures.

A mubaba is a person who sorted. Who does not know when the tomatoes are being bought.

4.Men who send exact amount of money as requested. According to the lady, men who send exact amount of money they are requested to are broke. She noted that some men go to an extent of getting overdrafts in order to impress their side chicks.

According to her, some men can bring curse as they do not have enough money to take care of their families.

If you are dating this kind of a man, who when you ask for money they send Ksh. 1030, there is a probability amekufulizia. Huyo mwanaume anateseka..hata hawezi kusatisfy needs zake.”

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