Tiktoker Frank Rahma Reveals His Kikuyu Wife Murugi Made Him Broke

Content creator Frank Knarf has caused a buzz on social media after disclosing that being with his Kikuyu wife Murugi for three years, left him very broke.

The controversial Belgian National took to social media to open up about his financial situation. In a video he uploaded, Frank lamented about sinking financially despite being with the Kikuyu wife for a very short period.

In the short clip seen by Public News, the regretful Frank appeared visibly sad. He tried pulling a sad face as he multitasked between looking away dejectedly and staring at the camera while he rested his head on his hand.

After being with a Kikuyu lady for 3 years I am completely broke….Me realizing I gave too much to the wrong person,” he wrote.

While reacting to the post shared by Mpasho News, a large section of Kenyans appeared not surprised by the turn of events. According to them, Frank should not have expected anything better from his Kikuyu wife. Here are some of the reactions;

@Mercy Netia: Thank God you’re alive and kicking fear those ladies from Mountain 🥺🥺🥺

@Maurize Baraza: Thank you Kikuyu lady for representing us well well 😍😍😍

@Emma Jayden: Murugi well done you represented the daughters of mumbi well

@James Jymo: Our Kikuyu ladies never disappoint 🤣🤣 they are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

@Princess Zaria: Thank God you are still talking and alive, sai ungekua kwa septic….but come to think of it, shida hua nini na kikuyu ladies?

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Frank and Murugi tied knot two years ago in private beautiful ceremony atteded by few friends and family members. The two are blessed with a daughter.

In a previous post after rumors of their separation started spreading, the Belgian national said he has a choice to have as many women in his life and as long as he treats them all with love and respect.

The TikTok star maintained that he is a man with responsibilities and even if Murugi chose to leave him, he would still take care of her.

The two lovebirds confirmed their breakup early this year after Frank introduced his second wife Rahma. He then travelled to Belgium to be with his wife and children.

While speaking about his decision, The TikTok star said his Kenyan wife Murugi has no reason to complain since he gave her a good life, a nice house, a car and she has everything she needs.

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