“Dad ndio Diamond Wa Kenya,” Embarambamba children praise their dad

A video of Singer Embarambamba children showering their dad with praises has ignited the internet. Embarambamba introduced his adorable children to the online space, and they went ahyto praise their dad’s career.

In the video that has gone viral, the controversial Kisii gospel singer’s children sang his latest song, Nataka Kunyonywa, before cutting a cake. The children further warmed the hearts of many Kenyans after they praised Embarambamba for being a great dad.

Embarambamba is father of 5 children

A video on Embarambamba’s TikTok account showed his five children, four girls and a boy, standing outside their house, surrounding a cake which was on a table and introducing themselves.

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After saying their names, the eldest child, Blessing Embarambamba, gave a short speech as they showed off the cake.

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“I am the firstborn, and we know you love our dad and watch his videos,” she said.

The five then started singing their dad’s latest song, Nataka Ninyonywe. “Tunataka kunyonya cake, Nataka kunyonya cake,” they sang. Here is the video

“Wamnyonye’s family. Beautiful ❤️.” Flora Mvungu said.

“Wanataka kunyonya cake ..😃” Emily Shiks

“Wasanii in the family.Hbd wakitaka kunyonya .” Olyine Joy added.

“Birds of the same feathers. Future artists ” Kichwa Ngumu added.

“I thought Embarambamba was his name.” Edu Msoh said.

While speaking in a previous interview with TUKO.co.ke, Singer Embarambamba revealed that he has been married since 2005, thanking his wife for being supportive despite criticism.

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