“Kimekuramba,” lady tattoos BF’s name on her face. See what he gifted her back!!

Users of popular social platform, TikTok, were treated to a rare scenery after a lady took her affection for her boyfriend a notch higher by tattooing his name on her forehead. But more shocking, the man reciprocated her gesture by gifting her flowers and yoghurt.

Previously, the lady identified as Liza Njeri published the video on Tiktok in which the Tattooer was seen drawing tha name ‘Paul Kibe’ on her forehead.

In a subsequent video, Liza was captured receiving gifts of flowers and yoghurt inside her house. She lovingly received the gift from the mystery man whose face was not captured.

The man Identified as Paul Kibe was was in the evening seen in City sourcing for best flowers to buy.

Speaking after her boyfriend gifted her flowers and yoghurt, the lady advised girls who want to receive such gifts to take bold steps and draw tattoos of their boyfriends on their foreheads.

Thanks, that’s twhy I placed your numberplate on my face. I am advising people to also place numberplates of their partners who love them. If you don’t love your person, don’t do it,” Njeri said.

However, the gesture of drawing a tattoo and the boyfriend’s gift of flowers and yoghurt have drawn mixed reactions from Kenyans online.

Here are some of the reaction from Kenyans online;

“tattoo Kwa forehead na unalala chini?Babe!!!!” commented Rylen.

“I thought tattoo would be worth title deed or log book 🤔 yoghurt na maua tena😏😂” Annitah Lovely said.

“hiyo si tattoo it’s maybe a henna or something akichorwa she wasn’t feeling the pain na ni kwa kichwa ..anyways ur trending,” Goodness Barbie.

“dem unachora tattoo kwa forehead na unadoz chini😂😂” It’s Wangui.

“Aki huyu hana maisha…All this for yoghurt 😂” Winnie Wangoi.

“Ata uchore tattoo Kwa kinem** bado atacheat🤣🤣🤣it can never be me” Fifi.

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