Size 8 reveals Why she must pray before a steamy session with Dj Mo

Size 8 revealed that she pray everytime she want to have a steamy session with Dj Mo

Popular gospel singer Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 has maintained tht she prays before having a steamy session with her husband DJ Mo.

While speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz, the mother of two revealed that she does the prayers silently before the joyous moment.

She noted that prayers help marriages stand, adding that Satan use every opportunity to ruin them.

Yes I pray. I pray silently. One of the things the devil really hate is marriage.Kwa sababu kitu kimoja ambacho shetani anachukia ni ndoa. Saa zile hamjaoana, hakuna mashida mingi, lakini mkishasema Yes I do, ndio mashida zinaanza hapa na pale,” Size 8 said.

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Additionally, the preacher said that prayers before eating the fruit of love helps spouses perform and enjoy the holy act.

According to Size 8, God created $éx and thus marriage partners should seek for his guidance at all the time.

Siku zote ni vizuri kualika roho takatifu ili mjienjoy vile vile. Kwani nani alitengeneza hiyo kitu, si ni Yesu. Ni Mungu alitenegeneza hicho kitendo, mualike akusaidie kukifanya jinsi alivyokiumba na wewe utafurahia,” she said.

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Earlier this year, the gospel singer revealed that she pray every time before allowing DJ Mo to drink for her honeypot.

Speaking to YouTuber Diana Chacha, Size 8 disclosed that she prays for urge to enjoy the holy session, especially when DJ Mo ask for it when she is not in mood.

She also revealed that before engaging in the game, she prays for DJ Mo to enough energy to satisfy her. According to her, she hates the idea of walking out of the marriage to seek satisfaction.

Akikuja huwa namshika nasema ‘Baba katika jina la Yesu’ (Huwa hajui). Huwa naambia Mungu ampatie nguvu nataka kujibamba. I pray silently. I ask God to satisfy me so that I may not thought of walking out our marriage,” she said.

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