“Usivunje ndoa yangu,” Stivo simple boy warns Pritty vishy

Stivo Simple boy warns Pritty Vishy for sharing TBT photo.

Kenya Rapper Stephen Otieno alias Stivo Simple Boy has warned his baby mama Pritty Vishy against breaking his marriage.

Pritty Vishy shared on Instagram a beautiful TBT Valentines photo with Stivo.

To our online inlaws ata nyinyi mnaona ni valentines 💝💖 Anyway happy valentines day jaherana,” she captioned the photo.

The post did not go well with his ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy considering that he is newly married.

Usivunje ndoa yangu tafadhali. Mi niko welo welo nalishwa mapocho pocho uku siko soko niache tu,” he hit back.

A week ago Stivo Simple Boy introduced his wife to the public. The Mihadarati-hitamaker was speaking during the burial of his father Anthony Adera on January, Saturday,11.

Hello everyone, my name is Stephen Otieno. I am the last born in this family. I came a long with my wife Grace Atieno,” he addressed the mourners.

After introduction, a beautiful lady with short hair stepped out and made her address.

I am Grace Atieno and I am married in this home by Stephen Otieno.We are so sad for losing our father,” she said.

Screenshot 2023 02 14 11 29 55 51 "Usivunje ndoa yangu," Stivo simple boy warns Pritty vishy

Stivo Simple Boy broke up with Pritty Vishy 2 years a go over infidelity. The rapper accused her of hanging out with rich men ‘sponsors’ for money.

Pritty however defended herself terming Stivo as insecure. She allured that Stivo was accusing her for sleeping with with her longtime friends she made we before he knew him.

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