Ruth K warns Carol Sonnie of reuniting with ‘bestie’ Mulamwah

Ruth K reacted to intention of Carol Sonnie to reunite with her Ex-lover Mulamwah

Over the recent past, Kenyan comedian Mulamwah and social media influencer Ruth K have been spicing the internet with cute clips of themselves enjoying life upcountry. The duo has been sharing clips doing samba dances.

Though the two having referring to each other as best friends, Kenyans have been speculating that they are a romantic entanglement. Their nature of interaction and pose of the photos have made many to rule out friendship, adding that the two must be enjoying steamy sessions.

Ruth K love for Mulamwah recently came out so clearly after Mulamwah’s Ex-lover Carol Sonnie expressed intentions of rekindling love with her Ex. The social media media influencer revealed that she would wish to reunite with her Ex, though she did not state who.

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Carol Sonie’s statement seems not to have gone well with Mulamwah’s ‘Bestie’. In her reaction, Ruth K cautioned Carrol Sonnie against dreaming of winning back Mulamwah’s hear, adding that he is fine.

Ruth K speculated that Carrol Sonnie is suffering the cold of the chilly season and advised her use fire to warm herself.

Watu waote moto kama baridi ni noma. Mambo ya kupigia ma ex sahau bestie hataki mambo mingi,” she said.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie Fallout

Mulamwah broke up with Carol Sonnie in 2021. While speaking in a previous interview, Mulamwah accused Sonnie of pressuring him to live beyond his means.

So issue yetu ilitokea hapo where nilijaribu ku-instill sense because there are some things that ladies like and if they miss it they will get it somewhere else.

There are those people born in Nairobi, sisi tumekuja by bus, so we are here to hustle, we have two-three years then we go back, so it’s important that utengeneze hiyo place umetoka,” he said.

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