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Robert Burale has opened up on being celibate since 2013

Kenyan marriage counselor-cum-preacher Robert Burale has opened up on leading a celibate life.

While speaking to PublicNews, the city preacher revealed he had had no conjugal rights since 2013.

Robert Burale

“I have been celibate since 2013. Na mimi ni Mluhya. It’s only God,” he said.

According to Burale sex is important but not everything.

“Sex is important in marriage even for us believers but it’s not everything,” he added.

ROBERT BURALE Urge for sex

Just like normal human being, Burale says he experiences ‘dry spell’. 

“I feel the urge for a woman. I will soon marry and have sex regularly,” he added.

Burale parted ways with his wife since 2013. The wife accused Burale of conning her before they broke up.

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