“Omosh Atapigwa kila siku,” Ringtone Apoko reveals he was to marry Akothee

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has broken the silence about Akothee’s royal wedding that dominated the social media space, the better part of this week.

While speaking to Youtuber Mboya, the sisi ndio tuko hit-maker revealed that he was not invited to the wedding. He noted that he was willing and long to grace the big Day but he was not invited.

Akothee haku ni invite kwa wedding. Na if she did si kupata ujumbe,” he said.

Apoko further revealed that Akothee has been his crush. He intimated that he had plans of marrying her, adding that she would have made the best wife.

I love Akothee so much. Nilikuwa nimuoe but akaoa Omosh.”

Speaking on what he loved about Akothee, he said: ” Akothee is a good woman. Napenda watu hukuwa na kiherehere, but ile ya kupeleka mtu kwa mungu. Nilijua Akothee atatulia na awe a good wife.”

Ringtone Apoko on Akothee and Omosh

Ringtone also weighed in on the relationship between Akothee and her husband Omosh. In his view, it is Akothee who married Omosh and not otherwise.

Akothee hawezi olewa bana. Akothee ndio ameoa Omosh,” he said amidst laughter.

According to him, it is Akothee who will be calling the shots in the house.

Omosh atapigwa na Akothee. Akileta mchezo anapigwa. Yeye ndio atakuwa anaosha vyombo kwa nyumba…akikataa anapigwa.”

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The singer gifted the Couple Ksh. 999K in form of a cheque.

Akothee and Omosh wedded on Monday in a colourful event that attracted several prominent politicians and celebrities.

Watch the video here

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