PESA OTAS: Willy Paul Breaks Record, Spend 500K on Audio

Kenyan artist Willy Paul Msafi has once again set the bar higher for Kenyan artists, after spending a good fortune on his Audio.

The gospel-turned-secular artist pulled the shocker news through his social media artists.

In a post he shared, Pozee revealed that he spent 5000$, which is equivalent over Ksh 500K, on the audio of a new song he released last Friday.

The elated singer hailed himself for being the first artist in Kenya to reach such a milestone.

One thing you should know about the song that I’ll be releasing on Friday…. I spent 5000$ on the audio production only. Something no Kenyan artist has done before, I go for Quality not Quantity. It’s 2023 – year of Quality,” Willy Paul Wrote.

While responding to Kenyans who were skeptical about his expenditure claims, Willy Paul added that the amount is nothing compared to his wealth.

“…. Ukikuja kwangu utaona ni kama uko heaven coz things that I own waaag bigger than life…. 5000$ us nothing. I love my work and that’s why I spend so much kwa kazi yangu…. Brand Sio rahisi kutengeneza..

The controversial singer further revealed that he has spent over Ksh. 2.3M on the song.

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