Woman, Sarah Wilkinson , Weds herself after failing to get a suitable man

Sarah Wilkinson saved for 20 years but was unable to get a suitable man

A 42-year old woman has shocked the World after wedding herself for failing to get Mr. Right. Sarah Wilkinson began saving 20 years ago with hope of walking down the isle in a colourful ceremony.

After 20 years of serious search and failing to get the love of her life, Wilkinson decided to take the matter in her hands. She planned her own wedding ceremony at Harvest House in Felixstowe, Suffolk, officiated by a friend who is a celebrant.

The rather unusual ceremony was attended by 40 people, amongst them close family members and friends. They were later joined by additional 40 people gathered across the street at the Tenus club.

According to BBC, Wilkinson spent £10,000 (Sh 1.8M) to make the day colourful, amount she had saved over a 20-year period.

In her statement, she disclosed that she saved same cash every month. She further said that through not legally binding, she was happy that she had fulfilled one of the promises she made to herself. She said, ” I’m happy that I was center for attention the whole day.”

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Wilkinson stated that it would have been unfair to deny herself the lifetime event just because she couldn’t find a suitable partner. According to her, she always longed to say ‘Yes I do’ in a beautiful ceremony, but upon failing to get a better partner, she decided to matters into her own hands

Why should I be denied the same pleasure as everyone just because I could not find someone suitable?” she said.

When she turned forty during the lockdown and bought the diamond engagement ring she had always wanted, that is when the idea for the wedding came to her.

The bride’s mother accompanied her down the aisle, and the event featured a multi-tiered cake with a figurine of a bride kissing a frog. The bride wore a traditional white sequin gown.

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