“Justina Syokau ni Mchawi Wa Miaka,”Kenyan preacher predicts Justina will ruin 2024

A Kenyan pastor identified as John as fiercely criticised gospel singer Justina Syokau, adding that she will bring bad omen to the year 2024.

The pastor said this days after the gospel singer was spotted in Nairobi streets, holding a placard that disclosed that she was looking for a husband. In writings, Syokau disclosed that she wanted a billionaire who was aged 25 years.

In her statement, the pastor faulted Justina as a witch and an empty debe.

She is a witch to new years, that is why during her years of music life Kenyans have been going through hard times. She is an empty debe with nothing much to offer,” the pastor said.

While speaking during a candid interview with local YouTuber, the preacher speculated that Justina might be in a dark world cult, and that she is planning something evil about 2024.

Justina ran away from God and that is why is is possessed by evil spirit. That is why she is transversing streets looking for a man. This mean she has given her body to the devil. She is planning on something to ruin next year.” the preacher added.

Recently, Justina sparked heated debate on social media after she went to the streets of Nairobi holding a placard that disclosed that she was in dire need of a man to date her.

Justina decisively stated that the man must be a millionaire and aged 25 years.

Niko soko, ready to get Married by 2023. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. billionaire 2. Age 25 years. If interested DM,” read the placard.

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