“Ni Mwizi,” Manzi wa Kibera accused by 67-year old boyfriend of stealing Title Deed

Social media influencer and socialite Manzi wa Kibera has once again found herself making headlines for the lesson. This is after after her 67-year old girlfriend accused her of being a thief.

While speaking to YouTuber Kioko, the bitter man popularly reffered as ‘Mzee’ claimed that the nyashlicious queen left him after he began sinking financially. According to him, he spent all his money on her in buying gifts, wigs and taking her out.

She began acting weirdly after a became broke. She began threatening to leave me.I have used all my money on her,” he said.

A month ago, Manzi wa Kibera announced break up with the 67-year old boyfriend. While defending her move, Manzi w Kibera said she was receiving numerous online trolls due to the age difference.

While speaking in the YouTube video, the 67 year old man, accused Manzi wa Kibera of stealing and disappearing with his Title Deed. He intimated that they had a plan of building a home together but his girlfriend disappeared with Title Deed after he became broke.

We had a plan of building a house, raising children and domesticating some animals.She has disappeared with my Title Deed,” he narrated.

The two began dating in November last year. The Mzee now want Manzi wa Kibera to return the title deed to prove her love for him.

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