Pastor Ezekiel’s teaching on tithing sparks mixed reactions on social media

A video of New Life Prayer Center leader Pastor Ezekiel, teaching his followers on how to Tithe has elicited mixed reactions.

In a shot clip that has gone viral, the wealthy Televangelist warned his followers against robbing God.

Out of 100% salary, 10% ni ya mungu and 90% ni yako,” he said.

Pastor Ezekiel further noted explained that if one gave a tithe less than 10% of his salary, then that amounts to nothing and the person is supposed to give out 15% of salary in the subsequent month.

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The preacher went ahead and gave an example of a person earning Ksh. 50,000. Just like a teacher, he mathematically demonstrated how the person is supposed to earn.

Mshahara wako ni 50,000. Ukitoa 5,000, tick (right). Ukitoa 4,800 hio ni nothing..it gives you nothing na unadaiwa deni. Unadaiwa 5% plus 10%. So mwezi ujao unadaiwa 15% of the previous salary.” he explained.

According to him, believers should learn to honour tithing, because non believers have a way of spending their tithes on treatments and witchcraft.

“Watu wa dunia wanatumia tithe yao kwa waganga na mahospitali wakinunua madawa.”

While reacting to the clip, Kenyans expressed mixed reactions. A section defended the preacher arguing that his preaching was anchored in the word of God.Here are some of comments.

That’s Biblical and that’s what I practice. Media and police struggling to put Pastor Ezekiel on the scene of crime!”

Yes , 10% is a command from God. No negotiation. If you are a Christian read your Bible Malachi 3:8-12, Leviticus 27:30-34, Mark 12:41-44 and so on…

Mjaluo akiombea watu ameiba ,mjaluo akisimama u president anaibiwa ,kwani mjaluo hatakikani Kenya 😌

That’s true according to the Bible.There is a penalty for not being faithful in tithing.”

Watch the video here

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