“Ni watu 15 pekee wamekufa,” Lawyers Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta defend Pastor Ezekiel

Lawyers Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta defend Pastor Ezekiel

Televangelist pastor Ezekiel Odero has for the past few days been trending on social media following his arrest. The preacher is facing charges over his linking to pastor Mackenzie’s Shakahola deaths.

The leader of NewLife Prayer Center, was accused of aiding suicides, and secretely burying the victims.

Pastor Ezekiel Not Guilty, Lawyer Says

A team of lawyers lead by Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta have however disputed claims that Shakahola deaths have any links with NewLife Prayer Center.

The legal team however acknowledged that some followers died at pastor Ezekiel’s church while being prayed against various ailments. While speaking outside port police station where pastor Ezekiel is being held, Omari said that only 15 people died while receiving prayers.

In the one year and a month that the institution has been in existence, around 15 people have died within Pastor Ezekiel’s premises,” said Omari.

City lawyer Cliff Ombeta further noted that all the deaths were reported to the authorities in accordance with the law.

As at now the facts that we have is that none of the dead at Ezekiel church has died from fasting. Nobody lives there apart from employees who reside at the church,” said Ombeta.

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The lawyers also faulted the reasoning of police, that Pastor Ezekiel buying Times Tv Station from Pastor Mackenzie had anything to do with Shakahola deaths.

Lawyer Jared Mogolo wondored what by a Tv station had to do with Shakahola incident. According to him, if the analogy was to be applied on second hand item buyers, that many people would be found guilty of sins they did not commit.

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