“Nimerudi Soko,” Kelvin Mboya Introduces New Girlfriend

Kelvin Mboya introduces new girlfriend

Kenyan internet sensation Kelvin Mboya has seemingly moved on days after being heartbroken by her former girlfriend.

Kelvin Shared a short clip having a good moment with a beautiful lady. In the video, the two were seen walking to a parked car car while holding a bouquet of flowers.

The lady shared the short clip on her Instagram page and accompanied it with Mboya’s name and a heart emoji.

3302 IMG 20230201 WA0004 "Nimerudi Soko," Kelvin Mboya Introduces New Girlfriend

Kevin Mboya ☺️,” she wrote.

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Kenyans have now predicted that Kelvin Mboya has found love days after suffering a heartbreak.

Kelvin Mboya bacame an Internet sensation a week ago after his tweet went viral. He revealed about his planned visit to Kwale to celebrate her girlfriend’s birthday.He carried flowers along to gift his fiancee.

Kenyans and friends raised eyebrows after his silence prolonged. They predicted that his romantic visit had ended in premium tears.

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Two days later, Mboya broke the silence and confirmed the concerns. He got back home with his flowers and a broken heart.

Hi, guys… I have just come back home. Four days ago, I went to Kwale to see ‘mheshimiwa’. I went with flowers but I returned with them. Of course, this has to pass some message. I am not emotionally okay, but I cant say what happened. While leaving for Kwale, I went there with love but I have come back with room for more love. Thank you for your concern..more about what happened in Kwale, I will share it soon,” Mboya wrote.

Wile speaking in an interview, Mboya revealed that he had know the Kwale for three years.

He refuted claims that he had created the story to clout chase.
He added that he is ready to love again.

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