Pritty Vishy admits dating fellow woman out of curiosity

Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has admitted dating a fellow woman.

The curvy queen who is currently dating Madini classic was responding to her fan who asked, “Are you into girls?”

In her response Pritty has revealed that she is attracted to women with big nyash. She says she has severally found herself herself salivating at women with big butts.

Nadhani coz nimejipata nazubaia madem wako na nyash kubwa. (I think so because I have found myself staring at women with big butts,” she responded.

She has further shared her experience of how curiosity made her date a fellow Woman.

Mimi nishawahi date msichana. Ilikuwa dame tulikutana naye facebook. Nilikuwa curious kujua lesbians hufanya nini.

(I have dated a girl. We met on Facebook. I was curious to know what lesbians do,” she narrated.

Pritty says after after meeting on Facebook, they slid on Whatsapp where they shared photos and videos in birthday suits.

So tulislide Whatsapp. Akanitumia nudes then akaniambia nimtumie zangu. Nikamtumia hata video.

(So we slid into Whatsaap. She sent me her nudes and told me to send mine. I even sent a video,”

Pritty rose to fame for dating Kenyan Singer Stivo Simple Boy. She however broke up with him over infidelity and insecurity. Stivo accused Pritty of sleeping with Wababas.

On her side, Pritty Vishy dismissed Stivo’s claims citing insecurity.

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