“Sioni akikaa sana,” Manzi wa Kibera on Her Mubaba Health

Kenyan socialite Manzi Wa Kibera has opened up about various aspects of her life in her most recent interview, revealing a lot about herself, her childhood, and parenthood.

While speaking in the interview, the socialite revealed that her dream has been to marry a Mzungu and that her current man does not appear to have much life left in him.According to her, the man is under a lot of stress and is taking a lot of diabetes injections.

Okay huyo mzee kusema ukweli mimi venye nimekaa na yeye na zile pressure ana pitia mi sioni akikaa sana. As in sioni akikaa sana kwa hii dunia kusema tuu ukweli ya mungu unaona. Yeye huwa na changamoto mingi anadunga mashindano za diabetes na nini so in future naangalia ka brown skin hivi mbele,” she said.

“Honestly speaking, for the time I have been with him and the pressure he is going through I don’t think he will go far. I mean in this life, he won’t be here for long according to what I see. He has a lot of challenges and is under many injections including diabetes, so in future I am scared where he well be.”

Manzi wa Kibera revealed her upbringing was not easy and stated that it was difficult for her family. She explained that her family would go for days without food.

She was only saved when she got her big break in the entertainment industry in 2015.

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