“Sitakubali,” Mwalimu yesu breaks silence on planned crucifixion

Mwalimu yesu, a man from Bungoma claiming to be Jesus has opened up on planned Crucifixion.

Kenyan ‘Jesus of Tongaren’ popularly known as Mwalimu Yesu has broken silence over the planned crucifixion on the eve of Easter celebration. In the recent past, Kenyans shared on social media plot to crucify Mwalimu Yesu, just like the Jesus of the bible.

Mwalimu Yesu has however mantained that he is not ready to be crucified. While speaking in an interview with Violet Auma, he said that the crucifixion of jesus happened once and that it cannot be repeated.

He added that those planning to crucify him will only experience it in their dreams.

According to the times of the bible, those events are gone. A lightening cannot strike twice. Those who want crucify me will see it in their dreams and visions.I am praying that God will change those who want to crucify me.

On whether he is the real Jesus, Yesu wa Tongaren said he is. According to him, the fact that he does not have scars is because he was given a new body. He also revealed that people flock to his church for miracles.

I do not have scars because I was given a new body. I’m the real Jesus. People flock into my church for miracles.

Mwalimu Yesu has his own church. He also have disciples that are named according to the descendants of Jacob, and they help him run the church.

Mwalimu Yesu not true Jesus

A while a go, the preacher’s daughter elicited mixed reactions among kenyans after she revealed that her father was a drunkard. She dismissed that Mwalimu Yesu is the real Jesus, adding that he used beat her mother.

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