Why Samidoh is The Undisputed King Of Mugithi

In the past few months, there has been heated debate on who is the King of Mugithi. A section of netizens have been laying their weight behind two popular Kikuyu-based hit makers Samuel Muchoki popularly known as Samidoh, and Waithaka wa Jane.

After dominating the Mugithi industry for almost half a decade, a section of Kenyans have argued that Samidoh is on downward trend with Waithaka threatening to dethrone him.

Samidoh began his music career in 2016 immediately after completing her secondary school studies. He moved to Nairobi where he joined Kamande wa kioi Band.

After two years, Samidoh grew wings and branched out of the band with intention of becoming an artist.The 33 year old released his first song in 2018 which got its way into night clubs, matatus and households.

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His biggest breakthrough came when he released Wendo wî cama featuring Joyce wa Mama. The song gave him huge popularity. His name found its way into national and international platforms.

Samidoh style of singing inspired many youths in the Central region of Kenya, making a generation of young talents to crop.

In 2019, Waithaka wa Jane got into the industry. He sang so articulately and his voice was loved by many.

Waithaka majorly sings old school type of Mugithi popularly refereed as ngogoyo. Wa Jane style of singing is inspired by the late Salim Junior. Many of his fans likens him to the legendary Mugithi Singer.

With his works becoming more visible, a section of Kenyans have felt that he is probably the new King of Mugithi.

In polls that were conducted by Kikuyu based radio station Gukena FM, a larger section of respodents voted in favor of Wa jane. Many praised him for his melodious voice and way of singing.

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Why Samidoh is The Undisputed King Of Mugithi

Well, this is a pretty hard question. If experience and social media platform popularity is anything to go by, then Samidoh remain undefeated.

Unlike Waithaka wa jane, Samidoh enjoys large following on social media platforms. On his Facebook page, Samidoh has 1.6M followers while wa Jane has just 89K followers.

Samidoh is also starring on Youtube with his Channel having 369K subscribers and over 48M views. On the other hand, Wa Jane Youtube channel has 82.3K subscribers and close to 10M views.

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In an earlier interview, Waithaka reiterated that he is not in competition with anybody.

“It is God…I do not consider myself better than anyone else. I am not in competition but I hit the chords and the mic determined to be better by every dawn. The hard work is paying off since I am booked three months in advance,” Waithaka said.

According to him, Samidoh has more influence considering that he performs abroad.

It is true I may I might be gaining huge popularity here in Mt Kenya region but Samidoh performs even abroad. I’m happy that people are now treating me as the new king here at home…but I am playing catch-up to Samidoh,” he noted.

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