Mutai Ngunyi makes a powerful revelation on Kikuyu votes

Popular political analyst Mutai Ngunyi has served deputy president William Ruto with yet another shocking revelation. According to the political think tank, Kikuyus are naturally unreliable and will cause the deputy President Premium tears.

In the recent past various polls have placed Deputy President William Ruto as having the largest share of support from Mt. Kenya region ahead of August polls.This is despite the endless efforts by resident Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure that his entire backyard rally behind the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

According to Mutai Ngunyi, it is just a matter of time and all Kikuyus will listen to the voice of one of their own.

While reacting to the viral audio clip in which William Ruto threatened to slap Uhuru Kenyatta, Mutai has hinted  the clip must have been exposed by some Ruto thought are his allies.

“The Ruto audio of slapping Uhuru is very clear. But there is no video of it. Why? Was it Ruto or spies in the Kikuyu council of elders?” he said.

Mutai Ngunyi makes a powerful revelation on Kikuyu votes
William Ruto during a past political rally

Mutai has now speculated that Kikuyus are lying to Ruto and they will frustrate him. According to him, Ruto should not bank so much on their support.

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Mutai Ngunyi backs Waiguru

Mutai Ngunyi revelation is not new. In May 2021 Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru sent a similar message.

In word that were directed to William Ruto allies from Mt. Kenya, this is what she said, “You can only rent a Kikuyu but you can’t buy one.”

The Waiguru’s famous phrase came into play on Thursday, May 6 when 235 MPs, among them those allied to DP Ruto passed the bill while 83 voted against it bringing the total number of legislators who voted to 320.

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