Woman dies after making love with her 15 year old son

An extraordinary incident has been witnessed at Kilimanjaro District in Tanzania after a woman who was alleged to have had a steamy session with her biological son died of heart attack.

According to reports published by a popular blog known as Ayo TV, he woman identified as Clemensia died after being rushed to Mawenzi referral hospital. The woman was under the custody of police officers who had arrested her for having a steamy session with her son.

Residents of Kilimanjaro District who were waiting for the woman’s body ahead of the burial narrated an extraordinary incidence that shocked them. After the hearse left the mogue heading to the cemetery, it suddenly went off and effort to start it were future.

“What happened is that the vehicle got into the mortuary well, and the casket was uploaded but upon getting into the main road it went off. We tried several times to start the vehicle in vain,” one resident narrated.

The vehicle eventually started after the deceased daughter alighted.

Head of Kilimanjaro District, Simon Maigwa confirmed that he had received the report of the incident. He further noted that the deceased’s 15 year old son was in custody of police for making love to his mother.

It is not yet clear what the boy will be charged with considering his fellow offender, his mother is dead and he is constitutionally under age.

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