Meru Man Shows True Self After Girlfriend Fails To Finish Piece Of Chicken

A village man from Meru was on Sunday forced to reveal his true self after his girlfriend girlfriend left halfway eaten ‘expensive’ piece of chicken on plate.

According to the man (identity anonymous), he first met the beautiful lady on Facebook.

After three weeks of online dating, the man decided to take his romantic self a notch higher.

I proposed for a date. I thought she would decline because she was so beautiful. But to my surprise, she was very okay with it,” he narrated.

In a sudden twist of expectations, the girl demanded to be taken out to a very expensive hotel in Meru town.

I had a budget of 600. But she demanded I take her out to a very expensive hotel. I had no choice because I was so eager to meet her.”

Determined to prove himself, the man sold his only goat and raised Sh. 5,000 .

On the particular day the man the man donned his best Khaki trouser and ‘Airforce‘ shoes. His then complemented luku with a designer blazer he had borrowed from friend.

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Date turn sour

Everything was good at the beginning. For the first time, he had a chance to sit close to a very beautiful lady in an hotel he had always seen from the road.

It was such a good feeling. But huyu dem alikuwa anakaa ako level ingine. For sure nilikuwa naforce issues but I didn’t mind,” he said.

The first blow hit after he went through the menu. It immediately dawned on him that he was in danger.

But ‘Fake it until you make it‘ was his slogan. He immediately hatched a plan to to pretend that his stomach was full and he only needed water.

For sure in my lifetime I’ve never seen a chicken selling at Ksh. 2600. Na saa hio hujaweka drinks.”

The girl ordered chicken and a bottle of wine. As for me i was ‘Okay’ with a bottle.”

The man was not amused by how his catch was dining the rare delicacy.

Lakini vitu zingine ni madharau. Imagine mtu anahold chicken with tips of fingers like hayuko interested.”

After few bites the lady pushed the tray aside and decared she was full.

“I felt tears yielding in my eyes. I could not imagine paying for half-eaten food,” he told public News.

After few calculations, the man waited until the lady excused herself to the washroom and ‘cleared the mess’.

Nilingoja tu akaenda loo. Before she was back nilikuwa nimesafisha sahani,” he said.

The estranged man has now vowed never to trust ‘facebook slayqueens’.

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