Sijawahi Kuona Nyoka – Njoki Murira Confirms That She is a V!rg!n

  • Njoki Murira said that her honeypot has not been touched
  • Njoki Murira is known for her big nyash that attracts Mafisi sacco
  • The content creator recently gained 1M followers on Facebook

Njoki Murira, who gained huge popularity on social media due to her neck-breaking figure made the revelation in her new year message.

Murira said that despite being heavily loaded and giving mafisi sacco sleepless nights, none has ever drunk from her honey pot.

Besides having not been touched by anyone, Njoki said that she is single.

“Nimeanza mwaka nikiwa singo na bado mimi ni bikira, najivunia kuwa nilivyo. Wale hamnipendi songeni mbali, enda sikia mbaya na uko,” Njoki Murira wrote on a Facebook page.

Her message will clearly give those wishing to explore her honey pot hop and energy to continue throwing their hooks.

The 23-year old content creator is known for her big nyash that she shakes on videos, prompting mafisi to yearn for more.

Njoki recently garnered over 1M followers on Facebook page, making her one of the most sought after socialites in Kenya.

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