City Man Seeks To Divorces Wife For Eating Too Much

A resident of Kawangware has become an internet sensation after seeking to divorce his wife for consuming too much food.

While taking to social media, the man who works in mjengo has lamented that his wife his extravagant and consume too much. According to him, the wife do not know how to budget for the cash he gives her.

Lakini madem kuweni serious. Yaani mimi naenda janta ya mjengo, naacha wifey kwa keja, jioni ashamada 4 soh. Na eti anangoja doh ya supper. 4 soh in a single day na hakuna mtoi! ( What’s the problem with some ladies. I go to work in a construction site and when I’m back my wife has already consumed 400 shillings. 400 shillings in a single day yet I have no kid),” he lamented.

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The estranged man has further narrated how he went to market and made a 3-day shopping but wife swept everything in a single day.

Kuna Day nimeenda supa nikubus stuffs sa siku Tatu. Kurudi home naambiwa hakuna eti hakuna kitu kwa keja. (There is a day I went to supermarket and bought a 3-day shopping. On arriving home in the evening I was told there is nothing in the house)”

According to the man, ‘the love of of his life’ feeds on the best foods during the day and serve him Ugali in the evening.

Yaani mama anaachwa anajipanga proper. Anadish hata chipo kwa keja but mimi nikikam ananiwahi ugali-cabbage.. (Imagine my wife is left dining delicacies in the house but when get home in the evening she serves me Ugali and cabbage).”

The man has now vowed that though he loves his wife, he will end the relationship, says he is not ready to die.

Nampenda sana. But siwezi kufa. Tunatengana. (I love her so much but I am not ready to die. I will divorce her),” he concluded.

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