Baraka! Karen Nyamu Sends Money To Mother With Sick Kid

For quite some time, City politician Karen Nyamu has been trending for not-so-good reasons.

Few weeks a go, she caused a buzz on social media after causing drama during her baby Daddy Samidoh’s concert in us.

She however expressed her regrets and promised to put an end to the unending drama. She informed her fans of her decision to end her relationship with Samidoh in a bid to contain her love emotions. She further promised to quit alcohol, which she blamed for the mess.

True to her words, the nominated senator has embarked on her mission to religiously serve Kenyans.She has been spotted on several occasions attending to the welfare of Nairobi residents.

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Karen Nyamu Helps Mother With Sick Kid

In a recent incident, Karen Nyamu warmed the hearts of Kenyans after sending money to her fan.

Nancy King’ori pleaded asked Nyamu to send her Ksh.240 to buy drugs for her sick kid.

Mhesh nisaidie kununulia mtoto wangu dawa please. Ni 240 shillings tu na sina,” Nancy King’ori wrote in the comment section.

An hour later, the elated Nancy wrote a appreciation message on the comment section. According to the Mpesa screenshot she shared, Nyamu sent her Ksh 1000.

I’m here kusema Mheshimiwa amenitumia…Thank you so much madam,” she wrote.

Karen Nyamu further requested Nancy to buy some fruits for the baby.

Na ununulie baby Matunda. Be blessed,” Karen wrote.

Kenyans have now praised Nyamu for being Kind and having Kenyans’ welfare at heart. Here are some of the comments;

Wambu Ndirangu: Rathimwo chair lady wa violence 🙏🙏🙏.En remember pombe sio chai 😀

Blessed Julie: I said it, that Karen minus Samidoh is a good girl,, Barikiwa sana Karenzo

Dee Kinya: Besides being a drama queen she’s human

Elizabeth Maina: Besides being a drama queen Karen has a good heart,kapombe ndio uharibu toboo anakuwa hyper Sana

Monica Monny: She is a great person she once promoted me while selling tops somewhere bought several for her friend

Keshy Mburu: Thts y al always be team Karen nyamu..I just love her so much ..an iron lady full of humanity 💯❤️❤️

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