Marakwet Daughter ‘Mali Safi Chito’ Biography:Age, Education, Husband and Networth

Marakwet Daughter, the crooner of the popular song ‘Mali Safi Chito’ is not your average type of a woman. Her rise to Stardom is marked with several ups and downs.

The story of Marakwet Daughter cuts an image of hand working and resilient young woman, who has braved all odds to rise to the top of Kenyan music industry.

At her age, she has won several hats, all of which have left a mark of success in her life.

The Marakwet Daughter rose to fame in December 2023, after the release of the song ‘Mali Safi Chito’. The sensational song which is composed in Kalenjin dialect gained huge traction on social media, making it to go viral.

As usual, social media enthusiasts took advantage of the popularity as the engaged in TikTok challenge. Suddenly, the hitmaker started gaining recognition nationally, as her song found it way onto several big platforms.

In her endeavor to carve a name for herself in the music industry, Marakwet Daughter endured several challenges. Before fame, she performed sereval jobs spanning from farming, baby sitting and tailoring.

Marakwet Daughter ” Mali safi Chito” : Early life, Age and Education

Speaking during a previous interview, the Marakwet Daughter who hails from Marakwet County, disclosed that she was raised up by a step mother. She shared that growing up without her biological mother was not easy.

You understand the challenges of being raised by step mother. Life was not easy,” she said.

In the light of the prevailing challenges, Marakwet Daughter’s studies ended at Class 8. She disclosed that she attended five primary schools.

Going by her earlier revelation, the ‘Mali Safi Chito’ hitmaker has already crossed the 30 year old mark.

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Marakwet Daughter Husband

Speaking during the interview, Marakwet Daughter disclosed that she got married after class 8 at the age of 16. The marriage only lasted for 5 years after which they separated.

The Singer shared that she regrets getting marriage at an early age, adding that the marriage was abusive and it almost landed her into depression.

“I was naive. I didn’t have a mother figure to guide me. I nearly got into serious depression. I had already developed a chronic Migraine,” she said.

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Music Career

Before trying her luck in entertainment industry, the Marakwet Daughter did several jobs. At first, she harvested maize from farms for a pay. She transitioned to farming greens.

As the hunger for success started biting more, she took the little savings she had made from selling greens and enrolled for a tailoring class. Still, the efforts did not pay off well.

Thereafter, she decided to try her luck in music. Most of her songs have been performing optimally until December 2023 when ‘Mali Safi Chito’ made her a national figure.


Very little is known about the Marakwet Daughter’s Networth.

Recently, she was awarded over 100,000 shillings MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua. She also draws most of her wealth from event Mceeing, YouTube and live performances.

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