Lulu Hassan Opens Up On Why He Cannot Share a Joint Bank Account With Rashid Abdalla

Speaking during an Interview with a local media, renowned Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan shared invaluable advice for married couples, cautioning them to tread carefully when considering joint bank accounts.

For quite a long time, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla have been celebrated for their unwavering love for each. The duo who co-host at Royal Media Services owned Citizen Tv serve as model to budding couples.

Lulu Hassan however cautioned couples against shared financial arrangements, citing potential drawbacks.

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The media personality emphasized on the need of friendship between spouse, as essence of a thriving couole.

Further, Lulu Hassan shared that every marriage is unique, and thus couples should shun from emulating others blindly.

She noted there is an increasing number marriages that are crumbling due to lack of genuine companionship, mutual friendship and respect.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of every marital relationship, Lulu urged couples not to blindly emulate others’ strategies, including her own.

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But what works for me might not work for you… Marriage doesn’t come with a manual. Don’t say you want to copy one or two things from Lulu, you will go wrong. The way Rashid is to me might not be the same as your husband is to you,” she said.

Speaking about finance, Lulu underscored the importance openness, adding that it fosters responsible financial management and guards against the misappropriation of funds. She noted that both she and her husband, Rashid, maintain transparency regarding their earnings.

“It depends on the person you’ve married and the person you’re married to. As for me, he knows how much I earn and I also know how much he earns… It’s good to know because then I’ll know how you’re spending your money, and that means you can’t misuse your money or spend it outside with other people,” she said.

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However, Lulu staunchly opposed the notion of merging bank accounts, particularly in cases where both partners are financially independent.

While advocating for financial autonomy, Lulu suggested that joint accounts designated for children’s expenses could be an exception.

“I don’t advocate for sharing accounts. It’s not cool. Why should we share accounts when everyone is doing their own work? Except maybe for children,” she said.

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