“Nistruggle!” Jeff Koinange opens up on his struggle of siring a child

Kenyan popular media personality Jeff Koinange opened up on the struggle he had to go through to become a father. While speaking during a Engage talk show, the Citizen TV’s news anchor candidly narrated how he had to deal with frustrations and embarrassment of not being able to imprgnte his wife.

Jeff Koinange revealed that he was at the verge of losing hope. The frustrations that came along with watching the children of his agemates and friends play, while he was childless was eating him up everyday.

We tried everything, IVF, the whole shebang, it wouldn’t work for the longest time. We were invited to friends’ houses’, there would be kids, in the yard playing, swimming and it was tough for us,” Jeff disclosed.

Jeff Koinange son and wife
Jeff Koinange son and wife

During the conversation, the JKL show host nostalgically recalled how the late South African President Nelson Mandela pressured him to get a baby, whenever he was interviewing him. At one point, he offered to help him 😅.

Nelson Mandela would ask me, have you gotten me a grandson yet? I would tell him, Mr. President we are trying,” Jeff recalled.

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In the midst of their challenge, an advice that turned out to be their saving grace came. A friend referred them to an hospital in Barcelona and behold, a lasting solution!

A friend told us of a clinic in Barcelona, Spain, and we went there and sure enough it happened and our son was born on July 31, 2007.” He said

Jeff and Sonia got a child seven months after this hilarious question from Mandela.

The elated journalist called the office of Nelson to Break the good news. He even offered to take the child there for blessings.

“I called his office and told them can you tell Madiba that we finally have a son, and he is 8 months old, we are heading back to Nairobi? Can we bring him for Madiba to bless him?

Jeff Koinange son bonding with South Africa president Nelson Mandela
Jeff Koinange son bonding with South Africa president Nelson Mandela

His request was accepted. The late Mandela touched his son on the cheek.

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