Residents of lamu county are in shock after a lady allegedly got pregnant after swimming in a pool.

According to sheila, her pregnancy has shocked her as she has never ‘seen’ any man.

Her troubles began when she started experiencing some abdominal pain and nausea.

After several medical test turned out negative, the doctor recommended a pregnancy test. She agreed
reluctantly because she was sure that it could not be pregnant.


The shock of her life came when the doctor revealed that she was indeed pregnant. Several tests also confirmed tha it is indeed true.

According to Sheila, she visited one of high-end restaurants in Lamu County (name withheld) in company of friends (male and female). She was there to attend her friend’s birthday party.

After making merry, they headed to a swimming pool to cool themselves against the heat of the scorching sun.

Few weeks later, Sheila began experiencing weird symptoms that prompted her to visit a health facility.

Sheila has now blamed the management of the restaurant. She has vowed to take legal action against it, adding that in an event she delivers, the restaurant should take full responsibility.

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