Akothee announces her next wedding date

Days after announcing breakup with Mzungu husband Denis Schweitzer Omosh, Kenyan Singer Akothee has disclosed her next wedding date.

Akothee broke the news through a post she made on her social media accounts. In the message that was directed to long time friend Dr.Ofweneke, the controversial singer said that it is right to leave marriages once they lose taste.

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Further, Akothee told Ofweneke to prepare his bank accounts for the MC Job on 9th December, raising speculation about her next move.

Babe huwezi i ni force na kitu haiendi, hata bigi G ikiisha utamu hutemwa 🤣🤣🤣wewe bora umelipwa pesa Za MC ama wewe ni MCA. Save the date 9th December 2023.It’s my year @drofweneke. Just forward your bank details.Wacha maswali.” She wrote.

Recently, Akothee made headlines after she announced breakup with Mzungu Husband Denis Schweitzer, popularly known as Omosh, two months after tying knot in a colourful event that was attended by several politicians and celebrities.

The ‘Niko Single‘ hitmaker made a long post where she disclosed that she has been going through healing process. Through she did not state clearly the reason for the breakup, Akothee cited dishonesty as one of the reasons.

I have come out of a very dangerous zone and I have been healing in private. I am in my second month of therapy. The trauma I went through after finding out the truth and some ugly stuff left me shaking. I went for days without food and no sleep questioning and answering myself. It has been very heavy some days, a night will just break into a day with me looking outside the window gazing at nothing. I would be shaking for reasons I can’t explain.

Nellyoaks has been on speed dial. He would call me nonstop and would panic when my phone went off, my children equally especially the girls made sure we FaceTime just to check if I was okay. Rue followed me to Europe in fear of losing me, babysitting me until I could stand on my feet,” she said.

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