Nahason Kiplagat: Man who used school fees to start business, making Ksh. 240,000 per month

The story of Nahashon Kiplagat from Kabarnet, Baringo County is a testimony that hard work pays. The spirit of entrepreneurship got into the 29-year old man at the age of 11 years.

Immediately after completing secondary school in 2011, Nahason embarked on a mission to make his dream of becoming a business mogul come into a reality. He started his first business using Ksh. 10,000 he had saved from pocket money.

Nahason Kiplagat began selling Charcoals to his neighbors at Karbanet Town. After some few months, he was able to save Ksh. 20,000 which he used to expand his business.

Within the six months of running the charcoal business, Kiplagat was able to purchase two bodabodas. The two bikes who fetch Ksh. 600 per day.

The business would later turn into a blessing after he joined Mt. Kenya University for a Barchelor Degree Education in 2012. He would use the returns from his business to address his needs.

While in third year, a good opportunity came knocking. His friend informed him of a business space around the institution that was being leased for Ksh. 400,000.

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Being an entrepreneur, Nahason grabbed the opportunity with two hands. He informed the landlord that he had Ksh. 200,000 , and that he would pay the remaining balance within three months. All this while, he had no idea of a business he would put up in the premises.

After efforts to source for money from friends and relatives failed, Kiplagat took a gamble. He decided to use Ksh. 50,000 school fees to start a business. At first, his brother was skeptical about his entry into the money-making venture.

My brother told me to stop dreaming and focus on studies. He did not know the passion I had for business. I was convinced that the venture would bring good returns,” he recalled.

After a mind-blowing business research, Nahason Kiplagat settled for a pool table business. He realized that many students were loitering around the institution with nothing meaningful to do.

To finance his business, Kiplagat sold his two bodabodas at Ksh. 155,000. He also borrowed a Ksh. 50,000 bank loan. He would a new pool table at Ksh. 150,000 and a second-hand one at Ksh. 50,000.

The first month was full of frustrations as the business only fetched Ksh. 21,000.

I could not pay my house rent of Ksh. 30,000 per month, leave alone to pay my worker’s salary,” he said.

Nahason Kiplagat did not lose hope month. In the second month, the business began picking up. His daily profit rose to Ksh. 1800 per day to Ksh. 4000, making him earn ksh.240,000.

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Kiplagat opened another branch at Kamora Center, which mainly serves students from the university of Nairobi and colleges in the area.

“I make up to ksh. 240,00 per month. I have four people, some of who are alumni of Mt. Kenya University.” He said.

Through the venture, Nahason Kiplagat has managed to make his dream owning a car and a piece of land come true.

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