James Muritu: Innovative Kenyan man making Petrol and Diesel from Plastics

James Muritu, a creative Kenyan man has made a name for himself in the global space through his efforts to convert plastic waste into Petrol and Diesel.

Speaking during an interview with TRT Afrika, Muritu explained how he came up with the fascinating technology that has been terminated as Environmental friendly.

“I used to make Cabro blocks from plastic waste. While doing some tests, I got curious as I watched the plastics burning,” he told TRT Africa.

The discovery made Muritu to dump his Blocks making business to focus on producing Petrol through distilling plastic. The process involves distilling plastics using high temperatures.

After getting the fuel, I tested using various machines like generators,” Muritu explained.

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James Muritu company eco-friendly

Currently, James Muritu is the founder of Progreen Innovations, a company that produces fuel from plastic waste.

“I used the fuel on chaff cutter and it worked with a lot of efficiency.”

James Muritu is the founder of Progreen Innovations. He produces Petrol and Diesel from plastics
Photo: James Muritu

The innovation aima at solving the plastic waste menace in the World.

James and his friends collects plastic from wastes. They then sort before taking them through the distillation process.

Grinded plastic is placed in a furnace where it is heated at high temperatures. The process takes between 24 and 36 hours.

We are trying to fight of plastics. Burning of plastics produces a lot smoke and poisonous gases. We are doing more research to ensure that our fuel production process is 100 percent carbon free.

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