List 5 of Kenyan Journalist who have never stepped in Journalism class

In the list of Kenyan celebrities and influential people, journalist and Tv Presenters hold quite a number of position. Besides the journalism career placing them in limelight, their jobs come with hefty salary, with some carrying home more than Ksh. 1 million every month.

Schools plays a vital role in nurturing talents and equipping one with necessary skills required in journalism career. For instance, the career demands one to be an eloquent speaker and skillful in editing.

However, a number of Kenyans journalists have proven that one can nurture passion beyond the boundaries of classroom. Despite having studied various profession in the colleges, these Kenyans now rule the air in Top Tv stations.

In this article, Public News will look at some Kenyan journalist who have never set foot in journalism class.

Kenyan Journalists who have never been in Journalism class

1.Yvonne Okwara

    Yvonne Okwara is among Kenyan journalists who have never been in Journalism class
    Yvonne Okwara

    Yvonne Okwara is a Citizen Tv Journalist who keeps Kenyan eyes glued on screens any time she appears. He boldness, eloquence and mastery of queens language has set her apart from other journalist.

    Besides her captivating news anchoring skills, she is also known for holding powerful interview with high-profile individuals.

    Yvonne is highly experienced in radio production, presentation, news anchoring, Tv production and interviewing.

    Unknown to many, Okwara has never stepped into Journalism class. In the University, she pursued Bachelor of Zoology, Botany and Chemistry (Microbiology) in JKUAT, where she graduated in 2006.

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    2. Waihiga Mwaura

    Waihiga Mwaura Biography; Name age children wife BBC Africa Citizen Tv

    Waihiga Mwaura is a journalist, a Tv presenter and a public speaker with a great success in the media industry. Currently working for BBC Africa after leaving Citizen Tv, Waihiga a perfect example of ‘all dreams are valid’.

    His journey to top of the media industry cuts an image of a hardworking, persistent and a determined person.Waihiga Mwaura began his career as an IT expert but later got into journalism.

    He has risen through ranks to being one of the most sought-after media personalities in Kenya. His fluency in the queens language, ability to sail through hard topic and professionalism set him apart from other journalists.

    After highschool, Waihiga joined African Nazarene University where her pursued and lgraduated with a degree in Computer Science.

    Waihiga Mwaura realized that he was not passionate about IT during his 3rd year in campus, during his attachment. Even after graduation, he avoided applying for IT-related jobs.

    In his hustling period, Waihiga wore many hats, spanning from a banker, an actor and a businessman.

    3. King Kalala

    King Kalala works at NRG Radio. She is affectionately known for her deep voice, being outspoken and confident.

    Her nature made her clinch a job at the Urban Radio. There, she hosts two shows; NRG Circle and NRG plug.

    She fearlessly tackles controversial topics many journalists run from.

    Kalala joined JKUAT university to pursue Bachelor Degree in Commerce and Marketing. She however dropped in second year to chase a career in social media influencing and Radio.

    4. Shiks Arora

    Screenshot 2024 04 19 08 28 24 65 List 5 of Kenyan Journalist who have never stepped in Journalism class

    Shiks Arora is a journalist at government-owned KBC television courtesy of her dances, fun-filled antics and oral profiency.

    Her journalism career began while she was still pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology, after she landed a part-time job at Easy FM.

    While working as a part-time presenter, she developed passion for journalism. She realized that she did not have passion for career she was pursuing in University.

    Later, she flew to UK where she embarked on thrilling journey of academic pursuit and career exploration. She undertook Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster.

    Five months after flying back to Kenya, she landed a job at K24 and after two years she found her way to KBC.

    5. Kamene Goro

    photo of Kamene goro

    For quite a long time, Kamene Goro has been in limelight. She is loved for outspoken nature and skills in tackling controversial topics.

    Kamene Goro joined the Prestigious University of Nairobi, where she delved into intricacies of Law and earned herself LLB.

    Kamene Goro enjoyia brief stint as a paralegal after which she joined the exhilarating world of journalism.

    At 21, she joined Ebru Tv where she honed her skills. Thereafter, she joined NRG radio where she wowed Kenyans with her unique style and captivating commentary.

    Her passion for journalism further led her to K!SS FM where she hosted morning shows alongside Jalang’o then Oga Obinna.

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