Inspector Mwala : From Ksh 150 per month to over 300K monthly income

Kenyan actor-cum-media personality Inspector Mwala is a living lesson that ‘do not despise a humbe beginning‘. The actor has risen from earning earning Ksh.150 per month to becoming an household name, making millions from entertainment industry.

Inspector Mwala Real Names and Early life

Unknown to many Kenyans, Inspector Mwala is not a Kamba. He was born in Taita Taveta County where he schooled before joining local entertainment industry.

His real names are Davis Mwabili. He is 51 years old as at 2022.

Career life

Inspector Mwala began his acting career in 1993 during President Moi’s regime. He first featured in Vitimbi , and Vioja Mahakamani that aired on the then popular national television-Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

In an earlier interview, Mwala recalled being paid Ksh. 150 a month. A section of Kenyans have however argued that the cash was huge sum of money in 90s.

In 2000, Davis Mwabili was allowed to air popular show ‘Inspector Mwala‘ in Citizen Tv.

He acts as a non-nonsense polic inspector at Kona Mbaya police station. He works alongside Morio the gardener, Sarah Otieno (lavender), sergeant Abdi and many other actors.

Mwala has mastered the art of spicing his acting with Kikamba accent, making many Kenyans think that he is from Ukambani.

Besides acting, Mwala also features on Radio shows.


Mwala Net Worth and properties

Mwala is definately making good money from his hardwork. Sources have revealed that he earns approximately Ksh.300,000 every month.

His income is majorly from acting, radio shows, Mceeing and product marketing. He is currently working as brand ambassador of various brands like Naivas and Sona MoJa.

Unlike many celebrities, Mwala has prepared well for his retirement. He owns a multi-millions flat in plot that gives him approximately Ksh. 250,000 every month.

He also owns a kingly mansion in Kamulu where he resides with his family.

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