Man in Tears after sending Ksh.94K to girlfriend

A WhatsApp conversation between a man and lover has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans online. The chat ended in premium tears, after the lady revealed that she was having good moment at Ex-lover’s place.

The conversation between the two began after the man disclosed that he had received his salary.

How are you my love? 😍. I want to tell you that I have collected my salary oo,” he wrote.

Aware of the looming luck, the girlfriend did not hesitate to respond. She went ahead and inquired; “Wow Okay. How much is it babe?”

The man who was burning with love disclosed that he had Ksh. 95, 000. He further inquired how much he should send to the love of his life.

In her response, the lady revealed that she urgently needed Ksh. 90K to do her hair. She disclosed that she already had Ksh. 2,000 and that she needed extra Ksh. 90K.

Ok well, send 90K. The hair is 92K,I already have extra 2K to complete it babe.”

The man went an extra mile and offered to send Ksh. 94K.

No no .I gosend 94K, I will use the remaining 1K with me for feeding. I love you so much Angel 😍.

The moment of joy was however cut short moment after sending the money. Upon completing the transaction, the man sought to know the whereabout of the of the lover.

I’m in my Ex place. I went to get something. Let’s talk later.”

Kenyans’ Reactions

@Shiru Lynn: 🤔🤔🤔😄 really angels on earth nah nah nah this can’t happen ooh🤣🤣🤣

@Ann Kabirithu: Weuh ako wapi huyu I want to be the side chick

@Queen Esther: No wahala now I go visit heaven and chat with angels too 🤣

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