The Dilemma: How would you explain to your wife that you were not cheating?

You live with your wife and the maid. One Saturday morning, your wife goes to the market. A while later, you go to take a bath to go out. The maid also takes the opportunity to go and bath in her own bathroom.

While you two are in your bathrooms, madam comes back home to pick the phone she forgot. Then the doorbell rings. Remember, you are bathing, but don’t know the maid was also taking her bath, so you continue with no worries and your wife was all along on the bell.

Not understanding why the maid is yet to get to the door, you tie your towel, your curved tool making a bulge in the towel, you rush out of the bathroom and head to the door.

Getting to the living room, you find the maid already opening the door with wrapper tied to her chest, sumptuous bossom popping through the lightly wet wrapper tied to her chest, curvaceous bum seeming bare in the very light ankara dress.

Madam enters and sees the maid wet with wrapper tied around her chest, and you, the master, also wet with towel tied around your loins…

Madam looks at you weirdly and asks what was going on, and why it took so long for both of you to show up, in that state, and together.

Now, your wife doesn’t know what we know…

With the aid of a graph sheet, Four Figure Table and T-Square, scientific calculator, explain in 250 words the theorem that can save your marriage.!!!

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