Diana Marua’s recycled gift leaves Bahati fuming in anger

Kenyan singer Bahati has expressed disappointed and displeasure after his wife Diana Marua gave him a recycled gift.

For the better part of this year, the celebrity couple has been treating Kenyans to couple goals as they flaunted their love in social media. The two lovebirds celebrated each other in special ways.

Two months ago, Bahati took his love for Marua a notch higher as they celebrated their 7th anniversary. In an astonishing move, Bahati gifted Marua 7 costly gifts as a sign of his love and appreciation.

Recently, Bahati was however left angry after Marua did otherwise and gifted him an ‘old gift’. The singer found himself in an unprecedented awkward situation, after Marua gifted him an Iphone.

In what appeared as plan to divert from the classical playbook of thoughtful gestures, where women bestow upon their men carefully chosen socks, snug boxers, or even the quintessential ties, Diana handed Bahati a well wrapped box.

Upon opening, Bahati was displeased after he discovered that the gift was iPhone 15 Pro Max he gifted Marua during their 7th anniversary celebration.

Unimpressed and angry, the singer confronted his wife.He took his disappointment to Instagram where he said Marua should have gifted him socks instead.

If you didn’t want to give me a gift, you could have told me… Did you have to repackage the iPhone 15 I gave you and surprise me with it? Do you expect me to say thank you? Step up your game, Diana!” Bahati retorted.

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