Blow as Francis Gachuri denies Yvonne Okwara a warm hug

Francis Gachuri, one of the best kenyan journalists and a long-time employee of Citizen Tv elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online after he public denied Yvonne Okwara a warm hug while live on Television.

This happened after Gachuri announced his exit from the giant media house.

Emotions ran high and he watched his earlier coverage when he fresh in the job. The videos showed the young Francis Gachuri juggling though the live reporting when he was young in the proffesion.

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Gachuri joined Citizen Tv at 24 and announced his exit at 41 after serving for 17 years.He featured on News Gang every Thursday, where he with his colleague spoke on various topic and issues.

While giving bidding Gachuri good by, a section of the media house decided to do it in style. They presented to him various gifts.

News Anchor Yvonne Okwara engaged him in a childhood games. After the play, Okwara opened her arms to receive a warm hug from Francis. The journalist however gave a cold snub and assumed that he was not aware that Okwara was in dire need of a hug.

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Instead, Francis went on with celebrations.
While reacting to the clips, Kenyans have now expressed their disappointment with Gachuri for being mean with God-given chest. They told off the journalist for denying his colleague a rare opportunity to feel the warmth.

Collage 03 03 2023 06.58.20 Blow as Francis Gachuri denies Yvonne Okwara a warm hug

Here some of the reactions;

Yvonne alikuwa anataka hug bana, Gachuri akahepa 😂😂😂

Gachuri umetuangusha bana.. hicho kihug kilikuwa kikam through alafu ukajifanya hushikanishi… Budaah

How many noticed that she wanted a hug at the end of the video… boyshaod akakausha 😁

Yvonne longed for that hug at the end of the play 😅

Francis Gachuri is among those appointed by government to the ministry of lands.

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