Hanish Shah: Kenyan Entrepreneur Behind the highly adored Arimis Jelly

If you are a Kenyan, you have most probably come across Arimis Jelly. It is arguably one of the leading skin care brand in Kenya.

In a survey conducted by ISPOS and BSD Group in March 2022, Arimis was ranked the fifth position in the list of brands loved by women.

Surprisingly, even extravagant Kenyans who adore high-end brands appreciate the extraordinary qualities of Arimis Jelly.

It’s Simplicity and low cost has made it a darling to many who cannot afford lush skin care products.


The rise of Arimis Jelly Brand : Hanish Shah

Unknown to many, Arimis Brand is owned by Hanish Shah, a Kenyan national of Indian descent. The father of three began honed his business managerial skills in 1978, where he run a family boutique business after quitting job in a retail company.

He embarked on entrepreneurial journey in 1983, leveraging on skill he acquired earlier on. After a proper market research, Hanish Launched Arimis milking Jelly, a brand that majorly targeted Meru farmers.


The idea of producing Arimis Jelly was necessitated by problems small scale farmers were going through. The product aimed at providing cheap yet high-quality milking Jelly to farmers.

The brand name “ARIMI’S” was derived from Meru language. Arimi means farmers.

Unknown to Hanish Shah, the business would outgrow his expectations. In 1985, he relocated his business headquarters to Nairobi in order to tap into a wider market.

In 2000s businesses that purported to produce milking Jelly with antiseptic that could heal Mastitis and other infections on udders emerged. Despite the stiff competition, Arimis which consist of two products; Petrolatum and colour, remained afloat due to affordability.

Update, Hanish Shah serves as the managing Director of Tri-Clover Industries, which produces milking Jelly and other skin care products.

Surprisingly, the company has never marketed Arimis Brand as a skin care products. However, it has remained as one of the Company’s best selling product.

It is Majorly loved by Kenyans because it does not have strong scent.

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