Kenyan Woman Latifah Musa Speaks on Why she keeps Huge Snake as a Pet

Latifah Musa has reared a huge snake as pet

Latifah Musa, a Kenyan lady, has sparked wild reactions amongst Kenyans on social media after it emerged that she really rears highly dreaded snake as a pet. Latifah who lives with the huge snake in her house has named it “Nyoka Wa PESA”, a Swahili name that means money for money.

While speaking during a brief interview, Latifah told Bong Touch that she made the bold move because she has a long history, and that it brings good luck into her lifem

Further, she intimated that it was circumstances that prompted her to keep snake as a pet. According to her, she used to struggle a lot financially because everyone in her family looked up to her.

Personally, I’ve struggled because I’m the one every person in our family is looking up to….I struggled so much to a point I was almost getting into prost!tut!on just for money,” she said.

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Latifah shared that there is a time she could barely make ends meet. Things however turned good after friend introduced her to anonymous friend.

“I met a friend who promised to take me to a secret place, if I was willing to change the status of my life and I didn’t fear…True to her word she took me and here we are – with my snake pet….At first I didn’t believe her..”

According to Latifah, she was at first hesitant to living with snake as pet but she did not have a choice, as it was the only way to pull herself out of the mud.

Snakes are typically associated with prosperity due to cultural ideas and symbols. Snakes have long been venerated as representations of wealth, fertility, and knowledge in many different cultures. For instance, snakes were connected to both fertility and protection in certain ancient societies, such as ancient Egypt.

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Furthermore, some people believe that keeping snakes as pets brings luck and prosperity based on these cultural associations. As this is what Latifah is doing

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