Eric Omondi: If The Government Doesn’t Act Fast We Will Act Soon

Comedian Eric Omondi has vowed to take matters to his own hands if the Kenyan government fails to free its citizens from poverty and all forms of slavery.

In a post he shared on Instagram on Monday, Omondi urged the government to do the right thing since time was running out yet many people are suffering.

“We might be forced to free ourselves. It is God’s will that we are free from poverty and any other form of slavery . People are suffering and if the government doesn’t act fast we will act soon. Do the right thing, the clock is ticking,” the comedian said.

One of his fan however questioned him about his ideas for economic change and he responded saying, ” we have a profound plan, we will share soon.”

Other fans asked him to join hands with other celebrities as others wondered when his planned action will take place.

“Maandamano yako yenye umetuandalia ni siku gani kaka. Hakuna kazi,” a fan told him.

In the recent past, Omondi has been involved with activism and protests on the high cost of living.

That has however landed him in trouble with the government and made him spend several nights behind bars.

He however supports the ongoing Monday and Thursday protests by the opposition but wants them to be on a daily basis.

“Tunaambia Raila, tafadhali fanya maandamano ikuwe Monday to Monday. Tufunge kila siku ikuwe holiday. Serikali ikose pesa vile waKenya wamekosa pesa. Nataka tushikane sisi wote kama wakenya. Tuandamane sisi wote, tukose pesa sisi wote. Wanasema hakuna pesa na juzi wamenunua magari ya 800 million,” the self proclaimed presidnet of comedy said recently after aiding the release of 22 men from prison.

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