Carolyne Onsongo: Kind-hearted lady helps disabled chokoraa get supermarket Experience

A kind-hearted lady identified as Carolyne Onsongo has warmed the hearts of Kenyans after narrating how she help a disabled get into supermarket for the first time.

In a post she shared on popular Travel Facebook group – Wanderlust Diaries, Carolyne gave an account of how she met the street kid in Westlands, Nairobi.

“While in Westlands today,I’m walking down to Westgate where I meet this differently abled young gentleman walking towards me.

He smiles at me and I smile back😊
He tells me to ‘gotta’ him and I do not hesitate!! It makes him feel so good,his facial expression and smile would tell!!

He quickly asks me to buy Unga for his mom in Kawangware!!I honestly felt like that was a genuine and humble cry!

I look around and there are no shops neerby,the nearest one I can get Unga from is Carrefour Sarit Supermarket!

I tell him there’s no shop around,if he could wait for me to go pick unga for him and come back

I ask him to sit outside to wait for me because I noticed his walking was straineous😔 He doesn’t seem to trust my words 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

He tells me that he would like to join me to get the unga and he’s never been inside the mall and would like to experience it.

He goes ahead and tells me that if he goes alone they won’t allow him in but if I go with him he’ll be let in!!

The two of us agree to go pamoja!

As we walk in I notice some people getting out of the mall staring at him with surprised faces.

You see Sarit Mall is known for “watu wasafi” and as a wazunguz social and shopping joint!

Resistance At the Entrance

I’mI also know that but I kept telling myself that all humans deserve the best!

One of the soldiers at the entrance asks “Na huyu anaenda wapi” and I quickly respond that “I am with him”as I smile😊

she’s like” No he can’t enter here “🤔

I look straight into her eyes and asks her her if there was any problem with my friend and she quickly says no and allows us in !!

(But she calls me aside and explains to me that some go in to beg from customers and management would question about the same and I promised her that my friend won’t beg,I was to take good care of him)

As we walk in………..

I look at my friend and he’s clearly so excited.
He looks around the mall with a smiley face he asks me lots of questions!

But one question made me laugh😂😂

He sees a lift and he’s like “nikipanda hii nitafika Nairobi town” ?

I tell him No,it goes to other floors!

He smiles and laughs loudly!

As we walk he’s like Sasaa? Mambooo?
Waving at everyone along our way!!

I could read his excitement all over his face!
Honestly that put a smile on my face too❤️❤️

We walk to Carrefour Sarit,we shop for a few foodstuffs and we come out of the Mall

My friend went home happy 😊🙏,” she wrote.

Towards the end of her long post, Carolyne Onsongo urged Kenyans to extend their love to those who neet it most. According to her, people should learn to love beyond family members and friends.

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