Useful Idioty’s Profile:  Who He is and the Big steps he has made in his career.

Useful Idioty’s Profile:  Who He is and the Big steps he has made in his career.

Useful Idioty is a Kenyan actor, comedian, emcee, commercial influencer, and dancer with several talents. The star is one of Kenya’s most dramatic millennials, steadily ascending the halls of fame. His professional name reveals all about his substance.

Summary of Idioty profile

Full name: Stephen Otieno
Nickname: Useful Idioty, Mambwembwe, Skele, MrPolite
Gender: Male
Current residence: Kenya
Nationality: Kenyan
Ethnicity: African
Religion: Christianity
Sexuality: Straight
Hair colour: Black
Year of birth: 1997
Age: Approximately 25 years old (As of 2022)
Place of birth: Kitale, Trans Nzoia County in Kenya
Eye colour: Black
Marital status: Single
School: Purpose Driven Primary School, St Joseph’s Boys High School, Kitale
YouTube: @Usefulidioty
Instagram: @Usefulidiot
Facebook: @Skele
Email: mrpoliteofficial@gmail.com
University: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
Profession: Public health
Famous for being: an actor, comedian, emcee, commercial influencer and dancer

Mr Useful Idioty Career profile.

Useful wanted to be a priest since he was a child. However, his passion for theater and comedy outweighed his religious calling. The comedian was known to bust other people’s ribs at school. However, when he enrolled in university, his career took a turn for the better. He began impersonating DJ Shiti from the House Helps of Kawangware TV series.

Muthomi Solomon was a close buddy of Otieno’s. Solomon was impersonating the famous Jasper More. Eddie Butita visited JKUAT’s campus in 2018. Crazy Kennar, Solomon Muthomi’s close buddy and confidant, was among those there.

Fortunately, Useful was one of the day’s presenters.

Crazy Kennar was thrilled by his performance and utilized Muthomi to contact him. As a result, Useful Idioty and Crazy Kennar worked together to create vines with the assistance of a mutual friend, Solomon Muthomi. The team was responsible for the well-known Tales of Crazy Kennar.

Kennar and Idioty have been collaborating for nearly four years. The Tales of Kennar amassed a tremendous fan base and support. As a consequence, the team received three honors at the 2022 Pulse Influencers Awards, which were held at the Pride Inn Azure Hotel in Nairobi.

The comedians were awarded trophies in the categories of Facebook Influencer, Instagram Influencer, and Kenya Comedy of the Year. The Tales of Crazy Kennar have received over 130 million views and over half a million shares.

Useful launched The Football Formula Show in 2022.

His admirers will enjoy the show since it will make them chuckle. He established himself, like many superstars, by building social media profiles. The comedian has over 20,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, over 57,000 on his Instagram profile, and over 40,000 on TikTok as of November 2022.

Working with Kennar aided Idioty’s development as he mimicked DJ Shiti and created content. DC Young Fly (John Whitfield) and comedian/politician Jalang’o are among his mentors (Felix Oduor).

Useful Idioty’s fast facts

•  What is the name of the current show on Useful Idioty? The Football Formula Show is the current show on Useful Idioty.
• What is the real name of Useful Idioty? Stephen Otieno is the real name of Useful Idioty.
• What tribe does Useful Idioty belong to? Useful Idioty is a Luo from Kenya’s Trans Nzoia County. Stephen Otieno is his real name.
• Is Useful Idioty dating anyone? Unfortunately, Useful Idioty has kept the details of his partnership private.
• How long did Useful Idioty appear in Crazy Kennar’s Tales? For approximately four years, Useful Idioty has been in Tales of Crazy Kennar.

• Which university course did Useful Idioty take? Useful Idioty earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Health as well as a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science.

• When was Useful Idioty born? As of 2022, Useful Idioty is around 25 years old. She was born in the early 1990s.

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