8 surprising facts about Becky (Lucy Maina)

Lucy Maina is a Kenyan actress popular for her role in the Citizen TV show ‘Becky’. She also appeared in ‘Aunty Boss’ and Showmax films ‘Second Family,’ ‘Crime and Justice,’ & ‘Murder Camp’

Lucy Maina, a talented Kenyan actress, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her remarkable performance in the new Citizen TV show ‘Becky,’ where she portrays the lead character.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Lucy is the only daughter in her family and has four brothers.

Lucy Maina’s education

In an exclusive interview with this writer, Lucy revealed that her educational journey began at Green Cottage Academy in Kiambu.

However, it was during her time at Gathirimu Girls for her secondary education that she discovered her passion for drama.

Lucy Maina’s acting career

Lucy joined the school’s drama club, where she initially received a humble role as a tree, swaying her shoulders from side to side. Despite the small part, this experience fueled her love for the performing arts.

During her formative years, Lucy had the opportunity to watch talented individuals like Jackie Matubia, who attended the same school. Jackie’s passion and dedication to drama inspired Lucy and motivated her.

After completing her secondary education, Lucy found herself torn between her love for the arts and her interest in travel and tourism.

She decided to pursue a travel and tourism course but soon realized that her true calling lay in acting.

Her journey into the world of acting began when she joined a church play, then she later started attending auditions.

In 2019, Lucy auditioned for the popular Kenyan TV series ‘Aunty Boss’ but did not secure a role.

However, her determination paid off when she received a callback for a different role, playing a cousin to one of the main actors. This opportunity marked the beginning of her acting career.

One of her most challenging roles to date has been portraying Becky in the ‘Becky’ show. Becky is a character from a humble background who has faced numerous hardships in life.

Despite her short temper, Becky is a peacemaker with a compassionate heart. Lucy successfully auditioned for the role and had to deliver emotionally intense scenes, including crying.

The tight shooting schedule, with only two months to film two seasons comprising 13 episodes each, added to the initial challenge.

Nevertheless, she overcame these hurdles and established a close bond with her fellow cast members including Trisha Khalid and Chantelle.


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Other movies/films that Lucy Maina has featured

In addition to ‘Becky,’ Lucy Maina has been featured in various shows and films. She appeared in episode 10 of ‘Crime and Justice’ and took on roles in two Showmax films, ‘Murder Camp’ and ‘Amandla,’ in 2021

Her love for nature serves as a source of inspiration and humility, reminding her of the vastness of the world and the greatness of God.

In addition to acting, Lucy ventured into farming in 2022 and conducted research for documentaries. Her diverse interests and commitment to various pursuits demonstrate her versatility and dedication.

Actors Lucy Maina admires

Lucy Maina looks up to accomplished actors such as Brenda Wairimu, Sarah Hassan, and Viola Davis. She aspires to work alongside these talented individuals in the future.

For aspiring actors, Lucy emphasises the importance of passion and hard work. She encourages them to put in the effort required to succeed in the industry.

Additionally, she advises newcomers to do their research on their interest.
Outside of her acting career, Lucy enjoys nature walks and activities that bring her closer to the natural world.

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