Mixed reactions as Nicki Minaj delivers a powerful sermon

American rapperOnika Tanya Maraj-Petty, popularly known as Nicki Minaj, has elicited mixed reactions on social media after sharing a powerful sermon through her social media account.

In the controversial post, the 41 year old hip-hop star took her moment to encourage people going through low moments.

She encouraged followers going through struggles to seek God, assuring them that he (God) will respond as long as they have faith.

IDK who needed to hear this but God is with you. Even right now. He hears you. He hasn’t turned his back on you. He’s right there. Talk to him. He’ll respond & you’ll know it’s response from him so have faith and be of good courage,” Nicki Minaj wrote.

The post came as a surprise to many considering that Nicki Minaj is secular artist, popularly known for ‘secular punchlines’.

A section of Kenyans who responded to the post expressed skepticism, while the larger section lauded her for acknowledging the power of God in changing situations.

Which god is she referring to coz we ain’t blind…her art and actions speak otherwise….we know what happens in HOLLYWOOD!,” Nickks Larry commented.

Eugene Ngari wrote: “Nicki Minaj is talking about the God that made her the star she is today who is Lucifer by the way… don’t be fooled.”

Kelitu ka Robert added: “And others do judge people just bcz they’re famous that aty illuminati aty sijui oooh heeee hiii…..judgement ni ya God live your life have faith in God that’s it.

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